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Super Hyper Ball!

Take about a cup of pinball, Add a cup of Arkanoid, Sprinkle generously with some Space Invaders, Add half of a bottle of 5-hour energy, Put it all in a bowl, MIX THE CRAP OUT OF IT, and what do you get? This game!

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Keith Elwin plays AC/DC

AC/DC feels like what the game of Craps would be if it were totally skill-based. World Pinball Champion, Keith Elwin demonstrates the ways to score big on AC/DC. During this, he makes one shot that is worth more than I have ever scored on this machine in an entire game.

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Terminator 2 Tournament Tilt Termination

I guess this ends T2’s usefulness as a tournament game. I doubt we will see the game used at major events anymore after this glitch that happened during the PAPA 14 Grand Final. It’s a shame since T2 is a challenging game even though it’s quite simple.

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