World Pinball Champion, Keith Elwin demonstrates the ways to score big on AC/DC. During this, he makes one shot that is worth more than I have ever scored on this machine in an entire game.

AC/DC feels like what the game of Craps would be if it were totally skill-based. In Craps, you can press your bets all over the table. Perhaps, you might double or triple your bets on certain numbers as you gain confidence. As you keep rolling, the pressure mounts as more and more money is on the table. You are trying to judge the right time to take your money home before you “seven-out” and lose those chips that are sitting there.

In AC/DC, you have to keep pushing money to the middle of the table, pressing your bet to make the jackpot higher and higher. Then doubling or perhaps tripling the value for a limited time. All without actually collecting it yet. The pressure mounts as more points go into the jackpot. All the while, you could “seven-out” down the drain at any time, and lose those potential points as the game takes all of your proverbial chips off of the table.

The difference of course, is that Craps is totally random, and pinball is mostly skill based. It’s up to you to make the right decision to find the perfect time to cash out. Of course, since there is still an element of luck in pinball, you might still see something happen like what occurs at the very end of the video.