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It is a beast, a monster!

TILT Pinball covers the game that doesn’t need a wizard mode because of the excitement that “The Triple” Multiball provides.

Hurricane Season (Whirlwind)

The hardest shot in Whirlwind is the opening plunge. Just getting the ball safely onto the playfield so you can make a flipper decision is the immediate danger. I mean you’ve just started the game and already you are about to throw yourself into trouble. Please just let me get the ball controlled on a flipper.

From Zero to Powerdown

If they think you’re crude, go technical.

If they think you’re technical, go crude.

Ron Hallett, Jr. goes for Powerdown wizard mode. Ice T and pseudo-Keanu were there for comment.

“Welcome to Crazy Bob’s Cyberspace Good-Stuff Emporium! Where a shot into the Matrix will win you one of these awards!”

Get the Super EXCELLENT! [Terminator 2]

Two-time IFPA Georgia State Pinball Champion, Dalton Ely loads two balls into the skull with one shot! What does that mean?

Will a ball get stuck? Will the game get confused? NO! Everything is fine. Even better, he gets two, 50-Million point Super Jackpots in under 40 seconds.

Mega Man Re-theme [Flash Pinball]

Well Fed Games has redone a Williams Flash into a Mega Man pinball game! Blast enemy targets with the flippers and get your R-O-L-L bonus multipliers!