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From Zero to Powerdown

If they think you’re crude, go technical.

If they think you’re technical, go crude.

Ron Hallett, Jr. goes for Powerdown wizard mode. Ice T and pseudo-Keanu were there for comment.

“Welcome to Crazy Bob’s Cyberspace Good-Stuff Emporium! Where a shot into the Matrix will win you one of these awards!”

Get the Super EXCELLENT! [Terminator 2]

Two-time IFPA Georgia State Pinball Champion, Dalton Ely loads two balls into the skull with one shot! What does that mean?

Will a ball get stuck? Will the game get confused? NO! Everything is fine. Even better, he gets two, 50-Million point Super Jackpots in under 40 seconds.

Mega Man Re-theme [Flash Pinball]

Well Fed Games has redone a Williams Flash into a Mega Man pinball game! Blast enemy targets with the flippers and get your R-O-L-L bonus multipliers!

High Speed Pinball Remix

“The synth solo is original, but the rest is all based on motifs from High Speed that I believe were composed by game designer Steve Ritchie and programmed by sound engineer Bill Parod.”