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Sonic Spinball by Ryan McQuaid [The Tutorial]

Let’s get the emeralds!

This game is packed with features, layering, and strategies. I caught myself smiling a good number of times while watching this. I did not want the video to end.

Video description by Backhand Pinball:
“After restoring his grail machine, Twilight Zone, Ryan decided to move onto his dream project of designing and building his own pinball machine. A year and six months into development we filmed this tutorial and explanation video as the next step in the Sonic Spinball timeline.”

“SONIC” has cleared Act 2!

Sonic the Hedgehog Spinball continues its development with the signpost at the end of the stage. Now “SONIC” can clear Acts and take back territory from Robotnik in style.

Sonic Spinball: LOOPING

There is a loop in the Sonic Spinball pinball game, and it works. (Sonic-ing anticipation intensifies greatly)

Gotta go FAST Pinball! (Sonic Spinball)

Sonic Spinball update 7 has many new editions including an attract mode and more things that can be considered “best practices” when making pinball games. Soon, this will be a real game!

Sonic Spinball update 5

The game is really coming along now! Gotta go fast! Gotta go faster to score more points for each shot you make.

Sonic Spinball VPX Demo

… Notice how the music changes as The Player passes each checkpoint in the game which forms each Act of the Sonic game. After the first two checkpoints, there is a major enemy represented by the center target bank …