Audio only, but still powerful … it’s DRAIN TALK, Episode Six: Xmas Matchplay 2021 Recap.

Episode synopsis:

In this 6th but first Audio-Only episode of DrainTalk I talk about the XMAS Matchplay Open tournament weekend I organized with my buddy Tom last weekend, 3-5 december, in Oslo, Norway. After having to postpone the 2020 event due to covid, we managed to organize it this year and I talk about the progress from planning to completion, our visions and thoughts behind the the tournament, the formats and the choices we made. I go through the days of the tournament and reviewing the 4 tournaments we held during this weekend, with some hindsight and results. Also, I would love to hear your thoughts: – What should have priority, time schedule or 5 balls on classic pinballs? – When does an EM “qualify” for being too random to use in a tournament?

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