Who will live?! Who will die?! Who will escape Nublar?!

When the ‘O’ shot is the only one left, you are running out of fuel, the lava is chasing you down and the size of the right orbit shot shrinks right in front of your eyes … What do you do?

When the Tower shot is the only one left, and you fear the Shaq-rejection is ready to block what you thought was a clean shot, as you prepare to have your ball ushered down the right outlane at speed … what do you do?

The next rescue is waiting. Virtual lives are in the balance.

What do you do?

Keith Elwin says to shoot the truck to move the shot which is of course correct. But that also means you chose to drive to in another direction and save someone else. The person you chose to drive away from is presumed dead. So death it is then.

Jack Danger decides what to do during his livestream of the Escape Nublar Challenge.

Watch Jurassic Park Beta Code! V0.97.17 from DeadFlip on www.twitch.tv

Owlnonymous takes on the Challenge!


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