The flow of the two ramp-spinner shots cannot be described. It looks like the shots would be too difficult to have flow until you try them, and they just work. They especially work to give me an enjoyable feeling during a particular mode in the game. This mode asks you to shoot the ramp-spinner shots to steal money. The better and stronger you hit the shots, the more the ramp-spinner spins, which causes the character on the screen to steal the money faster. Of course, I want to hit the shots again and again to complete the mode and earn the big jackpot payofff at the end.


At Southern-Fried Gaming Expo 2018 we got a chance to play the Kingpin Remake being put together by Circus Maximus Games. The original is an incredibly rare game as It was the last game made by Capcom Pinball and only 9 machines are believed to exist. The remake is planned to go into production sometime in 2018.

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