Episode 12 of The Meltdown Pinball Podcast is a group of pinballers going through … not Post Pinburgh Depression as stated in the New Pinball Dictionary, but Post Pinburgh Decompression.

This is part one of our collaboration, and I decided to separate it at a very appropriate point (you’ll see .. or rather you’ll hear). Part two (episode 13) will be released soon and will pick up right where part one leaves off.

Join Duncan McFarlane, Luke Cervi, Jack Danger, Kikasaurus Rex and me as we break down Pinburgh and many other pinball things as they come up. This was Duncan’s first Pinburgh competition, and ReplayFX was Luke’s first-ever pinball show so I was happy to have their perspectives on ReplayFX, Pinburgh, and pinball in general.  

Although we were decompressing after Pinburgh ended, most of the discussion is “evergreen” as we cover more topics than just ReplayFX.

There’s no synopsis here … Well, I’ll add this: Many, and large quantities of beverages were involved in the making of this production (see cover photo).

Music: Dilemmachine – Fred



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