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Galactic Tank Force Field Guide Video: Would you like to know more?

American Pinball announces the release of Galactic Tank Force Field Guide Videos – a helpful online series of 1 on 1 instructional clips delivered by the BEST of the InterGalactic Forces!

Learn how to defeat Enemy Tanks, UFO’s and SpyBots and how to master techniques to earn big points on your next visit to the Moon of Lumina! The Galaxy and the Ice Cream are depending on YOU!

Chad the Bird gets lit at Logan Arcade!

Let’s play Foo Fighters as pinball commentator in training, Chad the Bird holds court LIVE for almost four hours at Logan Arcade. I was happy to be invited to join the show about a half hour in and play a few rounds. Chad loosens us up and we talk about various topics as we try to defeat The Overlord.

Pinball Profile 331: Stephanie Lesser

Super special thanks to Stephanie Lesser for joining me to talk about her book, 101 Funcentric Pinball Puzzles where a number of pinball players have literary cameo appearances.

Thanks to Jeff Teolis for selecting me to guest host this episode of Pinball Profile! Also, thanks to him for making me sound smart. 😅

101 Pinball Puzzles by Stephanie Lesser

“Stephanie Lesser is a puzzle constructor whose crosswords have appeared in The New York Times, The Los Angeles Times, and The Wall Street Journal. She’s also an IFPA-ranked pinball player and created this book as a tribute to the sport and everyone in the pinball community.”

Final Round Pinball Podcast 49: Hurry

Big thanks to Jeff Teolis and Martin Robbins for having me on their show recently. They really make it fun to talk pinball. It was great to have some tournament conversation with them.

Signed Legends of Valhalla Backglass

After the American Pinball seminar at Pinball Expo, several members of the team signed some backglasses. I was one of them even though I just recently arrived at the company.

I will do my best to be worthy of this honor.