“Post Pinball Depression” [PPD]

The feelings that happen when a player:
* Realizes they have failed to qualify for the finals after the “Late Night Beat Down
* Has played their last ball of a tournament and is eliminated from the finals
* Has to leave after the PAPA/Pinburgh After Party closing time
* Keeps replaying the last ball they played in the tournament over and over again in their head, trying to figure out what they could have done differently.
* Thinks about how or why they lost on their way home from the tournament, or for a significant period after they get home.

Derivatives: “Post PAPA Depression”, “Post Pinburgh Depression”

Facebook video link example of PPD

Nominators: Bryan Broyles, Brian Dye
Renominated by: Benjamin Franklin Granger

Since this is the Internet, here is where I will put the disclaimer that this is not meant to disrespect those with actual, clinically diagnosed depression.

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