Today I learned that there is an order to the shots that score you tricks on Pinball Magic. Bowen Kerins shows this on the latest tutorial.

Many times when I have played this game, a few lights are out and the sound is down. I usually just go for three ball multiball, because I have no idea where to shoot to make the next trick. Why?

1. The next trick is poorly indicated on the playfield.
2. There are multiple sets of lights lit so the one that hides the trick is disguised.
3. Sometimes there is no indication. (2 center loops?)
4. Good luck hearing the instructions on the next trick when the sound is down.
5. There is no clue given on the status report as to what the next trick is.
(Although, I remember the display saying something like “Shoot into the hat” or “Shoot the full loop”. But I think that was for a skill shot only.)

The result: I hope for three-ball multiball to help me stumble into tricks as I am trying for progressive jackpots.

Next time I play Pinball Magic, I’ll have this partial list written down. Or maybe I’ll try to remember the list in my head like I’m taking an elementary vocabulary test.


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