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Tutorial: The Amazing Spider-Man

PAPA Pinball and Backhand Pinball present a tutorial on The Amazing Spider-Man by Gottlieb.

Bowen Kerins provides the gameplay and instruction. You will be familiar, intimately familiar, with the technique known as the alley pass. It becomes *the* move to use if you want to do well in this game. Yes, there are many other things to do on the wide-bodied playfield, but they pale in comparison to the strength and power of the Alley Pass when the inlanes are lit.

Tutorial: Centigrade 37

A single-player electro-mechanical machine that often will be found in Classics tournament banks. Don’t die at the bottom of the “waterfall”.

Outlane saves!

It’s my birthday today! To celebrate, here are some outlane saves that might cause some players to say “Happy Birthday” to themselves.

PAPAtv: Double Combo

PAPAtv plays carnival games with FunHouse where Rudy rules, and Coney Island where the 50,000 is KING, but so difficult to get. Then they play some pool games with Breakshot, Target Pool and Pinball Pool.