Now you are ready to “git gud” at using your flippers to control the ball and reach higher scores.

Episode 6

In episode 6, we take on more basics, and this one is the bounce pass, dead bounce, or @Deadflip. So simple, you don’t flip, and this allows the ball to bounce over to the opposite flipper. Using this method helps you set up shots if you’re looking ahead and keep you from just flipping every time the ball is coming to your flipper. Then use the cradle from the previous week’s tip and slow the game down. We want you to take control and put up those high scores!

Episode 7

Holiday week and we’ve got plenty of time to take on the advanced Post Pass. Once you’ve reached the cradle and bounce pass maneuvers, the next step is to move that ball between flippers when you need it. Once you can cradle, bounce, and post pass, you are going to start seeing tremendous leaps in your ability to play longer and see more of what the game has to offer. A lot of players don’t know that pinball has a story and rules. It is a world under glass waiting for exploration, and now you have the knowledge to control the ball and see more of it.

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