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Bat City Pinball Competitions resume at The Hangout Pinball Lounge!

The Bat City Pinball (BCP) monthly events that were being held at Buffalo Billiards in Austin, Texas (respectful nod, RIP) will be resuming at The Hangout Pinball Lounge in Taylor, Texas!

The next event will be held on Sunday September 5th with qualification rounds starting at 2:15 pm. The final qualification round will be at 5:00 pm with the Final round occurring directly afterward.

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TILT Arcade Bar, London, Ontario

Pinball Shenanigans tours TILT Arcade Bar which has expanded into another location in London, Ontario in addition to their already existing location in Toronto.

Description by Pinball Shenanigans:

Owner and operator Evan Oswald runs Tilt and Z80 Arcades in Toronto and has expanded into London. This is a video tour / sneak peak of the action just before the grand opening! London’s first arcade in decades!

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Rochester City Newspaper: Rochester Pinball Collective

“On a recent Thursday evening, the lights at RPC, as the place is known for short, were more than just on. They were flashing amid a cacophony of clacking flippers, buzzers, and bells caused by silver balls rocketing and ricocheting off blinking bumpers under glass on their playfields.

Casual players tend to view pinball as a frenzied series of random zigs and zags that are more at the mercy of luck than skill. The couple dozen players at RPC knew better.”

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No Coin Drop Required: Free Play – Arlington, TX

Pinball Jen visits Free Play in Arlington, TX and interviews Community Liaison Chris Delp and Resident Pinball Technician Andrew Ortega.

Video description by Pinball Jen:
This week, we are at Free Play in Arlington, TX! We chat with Chris Delp the community liaison and Andrew Ortega the resident tech at Free Play!! We talk about the Free Play concept, pinball leagues and tournaments in the DFW area, and Killer Queen!

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