Category: Locations

Pre-Expo FlipOut Tiebreaker starring … Old Chicago

It’s a one-ball, 17-way tie for 3 spots to make it into the Finals of the Enterrium Pre-Expo special event! Which game would provide the proper structure, respect and gravitas to separate the wheat from the chaff?

TiltTrek: District 82

“TiltTrek visits the Midwest tournament hub, District 82 in Green Bay Wisconsin. We tour the place, interview owner Erik Thoren and the #1 female player in the world Kassidy Milanowski, and ask the question about being a whopper farm…”

Tour: The BEAST Pinball Tournaments at Pocketeer Billiards

Pinball Shenanigans provides a tour of Pocketeer Billards in Buffalo New York, including the battlefield set up for the BEAST Tournaments. Pocketeer has over 80 games in full working order at one time. The secret is their reserve bank of working games they have ready to replace ones that are down.

Chad the Bird gets lit at Logan Arcade!

Let’s play Foo Fighters as pinball commentator in training, Chad the Bird holds court LIVE for almost four hours at Logan Arcade. I was happy to be invited to join the show about a half hour in and play a few rounds. Chad loosens us up and we talk about various topics as we try to defeat The Overlord.

Pincinnati 2022 Venue Tour

Mike Dymus of Pinball Shenanigans presents a tour of the Pincinnati 2022 venue and tournament. See many of the 130 pinball games that were available to play! How did the hours long power outage affect the festivities?