Welcome to another edition of “Things I’ll Never Do”. Today’s thing is “Reaching Somewhere Over the Rainbow” on The Wizard of Oz by Jersey Jack Pinball.

I’d really have to think about why I’ll never get to this wizard mode. My first impression is the number amount of things you have to do to satisfy each section. I don’t believe there are tasks that you can fail past.

For example: On World Poker Tour, to reach the final mode, you need to win the World Poker Championship. However, you can reach the World Poker Championship and fail out. On your next ball, you are back at the beginning. Failing out forces you to go through all of the cities again before you are allowed to try the Championship a second time.

Does WOZ have any tasks on the grocery list that you can fail past? The furthest I’ve been is to defeat the Wicked Witch, and I’ve seen the screen that says Fireball Frenzy, but I didn’t understand what to do at the time.

OK, bye.

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