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Jersey Jack Pinball & Scorbit Announce Achievements Platform

“Jersey Jack Pinball is excited to launch full support of the achievement platform as the next step in our partnership with Scorbit.

With deeply integrated achievements designed and implemented by the creators of each game, Jersey Jack Pinball games will be even more competitive for players.”

Hurry Up Challenge: Pirates of the Caribbean

Will there be much plundering? Points swapping? Extra-ball stealing?

Video description by Hurry Up Challenge:

R! Avast ye pinballers! HUPChallenge welcomes ye to come aboard this crazy HUPLight!

Enjoy a swashbuckling fight the likes ye have never seen before!

Steve Ritchie hired at Jersey Jack Pinball

Press release: “Jersey Jack Pinball (JJP) adds legendary pinball designer, Steve Ritchie, to their growing team of talented designers.  Ritchie’s illustrious career spans 47 years in the gaming industry starting in 1974 with Atari Inc. ”

“Steve is not joining the JJP team because of what he has done, but for what he will do.  We believe his best games are ahead of him,” said Jersey Jack Pinball founder Jack Guarnieri. …”