My thirst for Sonic Spinball continues. I guess that means I need some water. Well, that’s the catch. To survive the water level, I need some air. Otherwise, I’ll take in far too much water, which would be very bad.

Video description:

New to the game are the game select and water zone

Game select has you choose a classic sonic game after pressing the start button. All level titles, backgrounds, and music are changed to match the game you chose. Play to your own personal nostalgia by choosing your favorite! Sonic 1, 3, and Spinball are the current options. 7+ games planned.

Water Zone is the third main mode of the game. The player must shoot the moving lit shots while also occasionally shooting the center bank to breathe an air bubble and avoid drowning! If you drown, the flippers will turn off and you will drain! Don’t worry though, If you have a water shield you can breathe just fine underwater.

Likely a bug fixing sprint to come next. I love new modes and features but you can’t let the bugs pile up too high or it ruins the experience.

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