Gotta go fast! Gotta flip fast!! Gotta go faster faster faster! Sonic Spinball! Going fast is always better and helps you complete modes … wait for it … FASTER!

McSquidification has been working on a Sonic Spinball game. Here is his latest update:

Video description:

Speed system is now 90% complete (except the speed gauge: bar will fill up instead of number, speed breakthrough)
Hitting spinners raises your speed and makes sonic run faster!. Speed multiplies most scoring AND mode progress (going slow? 15 shots to beat a mode. going FAST? ~5 shots.) You lose speed over time, and if you drain the ball (Even if its saved. Don’t get hit!)

Some basic attract mode light shows, press start is animated.

There is something to shoot at! I finished my first mode. (act 1 anyways) Its basically a tutorial stage that encourages you to hit the orbits and learn how to build speed. You don’t have to choose it, but will likely want to start with it since you will want to build speed ASAP anyways.

Next: sign post to advance, act 2, maybe some sounds / music

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