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According to  on Twitter, v1.03 and 1.04 make Dollar Bill Acceptors stop working. 
So ... countdown to version 1.05

V1.04.0 - August 15, 2018
- fixed an issue introduced in 1.03.0 that would complete lit modes when draining a ball without even starting the mode

V1.03.0 - August 9, 2018
- Attract Mode - added tutorial videos that explain how to start Battle Mode, Mummy Multiball, and Trooper Mulitball
- Mainplay - added additional text that tells players to shoot for white arrows when EDDIE is not spelled yet
- Combos / Deathblows - base score changed from 250K to 500K
- Combos / Deathblows - active combos are indicated by a pulsing right side flasher (faster pulses for higher combo active)
- Combos - making a 6-way combo can now light the Tomb Award once per game
- Deathblows - added flasher light effect when you collect a deathblow
- Aces High - fixed an issue where destroying the 2nd bomber during the grace period will start a roving shot in the mode that never ends for all players
- Aces High - initial jackpot scores are boosted by 500K
- Aces High - fixed a display issue where the playfield multiplier was being applied to the base value instead of the total (no effect on final scoring)
- Aces High - fixed a display issue where jackpot scoring equation would not be correct after first Super Jackpot (no effect on final scoring)
- Fear of the Dark - fixed an issue where the Spinner Bank display effect would sometimes show up when the mode is not running
- Soul Shard - fixed an issue where the Tomb Award would not light after spotting a random Soul Shard through Mystery Orb Level 3 (after 2 Minutes to Midnight)
- Trooper Multiball - added missing Beast 1x Jackpot callouts
- Trooper Multiball - boosted volumes of selected trooper speech
- Trooper Multiball - added flasher light show when Super Jackpot is hit
- Cyborg Multiball - fixed an issue with the 'Showtime' speech was getting called when you drain into lighting Cyborg Multiball
- Cyborg Multiball - added flasher light show when Cyborg Jackpot is hit
- 2 Minutes to Midnight - changed background font color to red for more contrast
- 2 Minutes to Midnight - instructions text for Super Jackpot is now broken into two lines to make it larger on-screen, text color changed to yellow for contrast
- 2 Minutes to Midnight - added flasher light show when Super Jackpot is hit
- Number of the Beast - instructions text now added to explain rules during intro and during the mode
- Number of the Beast - score for defeating the Beast changed from 50M to 100M
- Timed Battle Modes - fixed an issue with timed modes that drain when waiting for sarcophagus lock would not be completed and would still be lit on the next ball
- Mode Totals - fixed an issue where mode totals were excluding the values of shots made in the grace period
- Eddie Cards - Trooper Level 2 card is easier, can now be collected by making any 5x Jackpot shot OR lighting all shots for 3x Jackpot
- Revive - when balls are being launched into play and Revive triggers, no revive will be taken and ball saver will be extended 4 seconds with no grace period
- Score Frame - fixed a rare issue when adding a player during Bonus countup results in temporarily displaying 0000 scores for all players and overlapping text
- Sound - added playfield multiplier activate sound
- Sound - added 2 Minutes to Midnight clock sounds for adding time
- Sound - added custom tilt sound
- Sound - increased tilt warning sound volume
- Sound - changed X targets complete sound
- Sound - added X targets add time sound when multiplier is active
- Music - fixed an issue with the attenuation getting set back to '0' between balls, now it resets it to whatever the adjustment says

- System - Updated to V2.07
    - Update to nodeboard firmware v0.23.0
    - Enhanced center channel clarity.
    - Added bass frequency filter selection options: 125Hz, 250Hz, and disabled.
    - Added treble frequency filter selection options: 4kHz, 8kHz, and disabled.
    - Added adjustment to scale GI, Insert, and Flasher LED brightness, range is 25% to 100%.
    - Added adjustment to limit GI, Insert, and Flasher LED Max brightness, range is 64 to 255.

- Adjustment Changes:
    - added 'PLAY ATTRACT TUTORIAL VIDEOS' - defaults to YES, turn to NO to remove the tutorial videos from the attract mode

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