We demonstrated the prototype machine at the Australasian Gaming Expo, Pinfest and IAAPA Attractions Expo in 2016 with the hope of an early 2017 release. However, after much thought, we decided to push this release date back to re-engineer hardware and software components in the machine to deliver a product that looks and feels like a real pinball.

Key component upgrades so far include adding a smart tilt IO board, a custom pinball coil mechanism and a dual flipper opto board.In December, we announced a partnership with FarSight Studios – creators of The Pinball Arcade – to launch the Arcooda Pinball Arcade.

We asked FarSight Studios to write new software code, which will allow for backglass support on all tables included in Arcooda Pinball Arcade (there is more than 70).

Source: Update on the Arcooda Video Pinball machine – Arcooda