Marco Specialties set up an interview booth at Allentown Pinfest 2021 where they interviewed many from “The Pinball Community”.


Dr. Pin & Mrs. Pin – Pinball Podcasters
Todd Tuckey – TNT Amusements
Tim Roth – TNT/Twins Arcade
Corwin Emery – Spooky Pinball
Larry Rosenthal – Starship Fantasy
Jody Gontero – Ramp-O-Matic
Allen Cihak – Pinball Operator
Rob Kahr – Kahr.US Circuits
Brielle & Gianna – Earth Support Club
Ty Ueda – AKA Mr. Loaf
Lloyd Stegenga – Pinball Enthusiast


Dave Marston & Gabe D’Annunzio – Pintastic New England
Garret Perry – ItsLitPinball on
Ron Hallett & Bruce NightingaleSlam Tilt Podcast
Cliff Albert – WarlockPinball777 on
Beck Gallahger – HUPChallenge on
Chris Lick – Lickarcade on

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