[“Hall of Mirrors” – Where is NED hiding?]

You can activate enhanced versions of the rides and attractions available in the Adventureland. Go to The Atomic Shop and use the tickets you’ve earned by roaming around the park. The Mechanic will sell you access to attractions that concentrate on an area of the Adventureland. These enhancements are timed, so get moving once you leave The Atomic Shop. You are only allowed to access one attraction at a time.

If time runs out, don’t worry. You are allowed to restart any attraction you have bought for free until you have finished it. Just visit the Atomic Shop again and resume a ride that is in progress.

When you complete a mode, some good things will happen:

  • You have the chance to clean up that area of the park from the xenon gas that has infiltrated it. That can give you a huge bonus, especially if you’ve been playing a good ball. Shoot the Xenon Tube after completing a mode to collect your current bonus right then and there. It’s the bonus you will also collect at the end of your ball, but you get to have it right now!
  • Not only that, any playfield multipliers that are currently active enhance the bonus you’ve just collected. You might want to wait until you have one running before going for the Xenon Tube. Perhaps you want to play it safe and cash your bonus in now. However, be very careful. If you lose the ball before cleaning up the gas, you also lose this bonus opportunity.
  • Also, as a reward for completing a mode, point awards for future modes also increase by a small amount each time. Do your best to follow through on your mode completion journey. You are going to want to complete as many modes as possible, because it makes Story Battles worth even more! What is a Story Battle? Play all of the modes to find out.

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