Are you ready to “Feel the Flow”?

Are you “In the Zone”?

In this extended episode of Wide World of Pinball we talk about all of the things.

Well, most of the things. You’ve got to keep them wanting more!

The ghosts of the Stern Army will have their Vengeance!

WWOP ep 4 – 8/19/16

-Pinburgh (we finished 5th, 6th and nope)
-Steve at Buffalo Pinball Summer Open
-Assisted Death Save
-Feel the Flow
-What finger do you flip with?

I’ve just realized that in this podcast, my explanation for the word “ACE/ACED” in the New Pinball Dictionary was incomplete and a bit backwards. The word sniping helped in the process.
First came the thought of what would it be called to take someone out right at the end when they thought they were going to win. Then, my realization that the word “Sniping” was taken already but not yet posted. Then realizing that “snipe” and “ace” are related words when talking about shooting. “ACE” and “ONE” led to the (arbitrary) 1% difference condition and completed the circle.
Then my thought of “What is the opposite of an ACE” when you don’t quite get there, and everybody goes “Awww, no that sucks” and takes pictures of the close scores. That became “Heartbreaker”. Heartbreaker turned out to be the more popular term, and started being used to describe both sides of close victories, whether the chasing player had a close win OR loss.
Which of course is cool. Word usage changes. The term “In Jail” has changed in usage from when I originally wrote it. The current usage by commentators (including myself) has been to use “In jail” to describe when a player is far away from doing any significant features in a game like Multiball. The original definition? Check it out and you will see why I need to make an update.

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