Facebook recently reminded me that we are not playing 24 hours of pinball in a warehouse environment this year.

I had a sad. Then, I recovered as I realized that circumstances helped prevent me from  a decision such as flying a thousand plus miles to play 24 hours of pinball. I await next year when i will make this terrible decision to do this again. That is, if I am lucky enough to get a ticket.


Martin & Jeff are joined by Ryan C. and discuss:
– dad of the year
– the review of all reviews
– Celts (Haggis Pinball) first hand experience
– a Head2Head classic game returns
– the newest & best awards in pinball
– best boat in pinball?
– sponsor of the week
– 24 hours of playing…can you do it?
– Australia Pinfest
– PinClash
– pinball video love
– fan mail



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