Sometimes, during the Casino Run if you wish hard enough .. and if you cheat properly … maybe … a cow will appear on the reels, and you can get a nice shiny SPECIAL for a free game (or 500 Million points)!

And sometimes … if you really wish hard enough … and you hold the flippers in … you can get a hint for one of the codes to the Mortal Kombat 3 game and a free Extra Ball (or 200 Million points!)

One thing I wonder though: If you spin a natural triple (three of the same award) do you get a Special? The reason why I ask is, in the show The Joker’s Wild, if you get a natural triple in the bonus game, you instantly win the $1,000.00 and the bonus prizes.

I remember spinning a natural triple on Jack*Bot where three of the same number appeared an the reels. This was followed immediately by a pop indicating a Special was awarded, and nothing else peculiar happened. The game progressed as normal. When this happened, I thought of the game show and wondered if this was a real thing, or if I happened to get enough points to get a Replay and it was just a coincidence.

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