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It’s the Christmas gift that no one expected … or the Holiday curse that no one wanted! It’s the seventh episode of The Meltdown Pinball Podcast! International Pinball Sensation, Krystle Gemnich of the Rip Tide Pinball Podcast joins The Meltdown as we sit in the audience during the Oktoberfest game reveal seminar at Chicago Pinball Expo.

After the introductions and a (very edited) seminar period where we talk under our breaths, at about 18:30 into this attempt at recording a podcast, we get the opportunity to step up to play American Pinball’s newest offering. We don’t go up there immediately of course. It’s better to wait for the crowd rushing the game to drain away a bit first. This is followed by fly-on-the-wall coverage of whatever we talked about as we got our first flips on the new game. It’s a good thing to listen to in the background while you do whatever and stuff.

Also, guest starring International Internet Pinball Sensations Jack Danger of Dead Flip, Jeff Teolis of Pinball Profile, Ron Hallett, Jr. of Slam Tilt Podcast, Nitzan Gabai, Tommy Floyd, Koi Morris, Jason Rufer, and Al Cihak.

Intro and Outro Music: FunHouse Multiball (Matt Dibrindisi Mix)
Santaur Meme by: Joel Cohen

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