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Galactic Tank Force Field Guide Video: Would you like to know more?

American Pinball announces the release of Galactic Tank Force Field Guide Videos – a helpful online series of 1 on 1 instructional clips delivered by the BEST of the InterGalactic Forces!

Learn how to defeat Enemy Tanks, UFO’s and SpyBots and how to master techniques to earn big points on your next visit to the Moon of Lumina! The Galaxy and the Ice Cream are depending on YOU!


From American Pinball:

“… Travel to the distant moon of Lumina in the far-off Namdron Galaxy as the newest member of the Galactic Tank Force. Tasked with patrolling and protecting the recently established lunar research base, your mission is to defend it from the ruthless Empress Annoya and her invading forces. Take control of the Model 375A Battle Tank and fend off massive enemy tanks, robots, and UFOs, all sent by the evil Empress to destroy you. … “

Download Legends of Valhalla Code Update v23.03.10

Legends of Valhalla owners: Download the newest update for the game at the American Pinball website support section. Among the additions and changes include: An enhancement to War on Land scoring, raiders enhancing War at Sea / Viking Multiball scoring, weapons enhancing Legend Battle scoring …

Installing Pinball Art Blades

Dave Brennan shows you how to install inner cabinet art blades on a pinball machine by giving step-by-step instructions.