I heart snikting.

That’s right I said it. Snikting. I know it’s not a word, but in this Deadpool game, and in any X-Men comic with Wolverine in it, snikt is a word. Snikting is the act of shooting the snikt target so that it goes up the sword ramp so you get a Playfield X, and being able to do this magical thing on purpose when you want to do it. Which to me, is as magical as people doing tap passes with proper dexterity 100 percent of the time… on a modern game.

The next time I play Deadpool pinball, I’m going to try to practice snikting. I know it’s not going to work because I’ll be thinking about it. I’ll be hoping it will happen and actually trying for it instead of using the force or not caring about it at all like I’m apparently supposed to instead.

I’m not going to make a post for snikting in The New Pinball Dictionary. I’m not delirious yet from physical and social distancing to do that. I’m doing just fine.

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