The Jetstar Coaster Ramp is set in the middle/right of the playfield. It has one entrance, surrounded by the potentially dangerous Drac and Monkey standup targets. The ramp has two exits that guide the ball to the left and right inlanes.

Shooting the Jetstar Coaster will offer an additional benefit when the ball exits. As the ball passes over the inlane, the playfield will be doubled for a very short time afterward. The effect only lasts a few seconds, probably enough to affect the next shot or two.

This playfield doubler stacks with any other playfield multipliers that are currently active. If you happen to have one running, you can double it with a Jetstar Coaster ramp shot. This can help you capitalize on a high value target that is waiting for you to collect. Be careful, though. If you are careless, the Drac or Monkey targets are standing there, waiting to reject any errant shots.

Two major awards available at the Jetstar Coaster Ramp are Extra Ball and Special. They are awarded after making certain numbers of ramp shots. The ramp is also explicitly involved in some ride modes. Since the ramp can be a repeatable shot, if the ball exits via the left inlane, it can be a good way to make combos to build toward combo awards. It can also lead to starting “Blast-O-Ride”.

Complete the R-I-D-E inlanes to start Blast-O-Ride Frenzy. This feature increases the value of the ramp with each subsequent shot you make while the timer is running. You can stay in the mode and restart the timer by completing R-I-D-E again while still in the Blast-O-Ride Frenzy.

Blast-O-Ride SAVE!

Completing R-I-D-E once during a ball also lights the Blast-O-Ride save at the right outlane. If you lose a ball down the right outlane and trip this lit feature on the way, DO NOT WALK AWAY FROM THE GAME! You will get a chance to save your ball! A very short feature will start where you can use the Pinbar to fire at a moving zombie that has commandeered a coaster car. Hit the zombie, and you will get your ball back, plus you will start a bonus round of Blast-O-Ride Frenzy! Fail, and your ball is gone. This can happen during Multiball as well. However, this opportunity is only available once per ball.

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