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Wormhole Pinball vs. Zankor by Zaccaria

The only time I’ve had the opportunity to play Zankor was at the IFPA World Pinball Championships at The Pinball Asylum in Florida. The music on the game got me to keep playing. Let see how Wormhole Pinball handles this strange game.

Eclectic Gamers: Turtles

“Tony and Dennis discuss Multimorphic’s Internet-based head-to-head gameplay, Jersey Jack Pinball’s teaser for an upcoming innovation announcement …”

Literally Spooky Pinball

Colorado Pinball Collective plays Zaccaria’s Spooky pinball game and gives a tutorial. It’s very spooky.

Zaccaria Pinball Starter Pack

Zak-are-RYE-ah … za-KAR-ee-ah … Zak-are-REE-ah … za-KAR-RYE-ah … starter pack for those new to the Zaccaria platform.