Zak-are-RYE-ah … za-KAR-ee-ah … Zak-are-REE-ah … za-KAR-RYE-ah … starter pack for those new to the Zaccaria platform. So, here’s your excuse to get started.

$4.95 on Steam

As of today, a new pack is available on the Steam platform called the Starter Pack!

The starter pack is a nice pack to get people started who are new to Zaccaria Pinball and experience the game a bit more before they invest more in the bigger packs.

The pack includes the following tables:
*Blackbelt + free Blackbelt retro
*Farfalla + free Farfalla retro
*Spooky + free Spooky retro
*Combat 2017 Remake

The starter pack is also the perfect gift for friends who like to get into pinball!


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