The Plumb Ep 5: Interview w/ Stern Pinball’s Mike Vinikour

Host: Krystle Gemnich

Special Guest: Mike Vinikour

Podcast Synopsis

– Mike and the field test program
– Getting the job at Bally/Midway
– Punk Rock and his LP collection
– Mike’s pinball collection
– The art of collecting LP’s and going to record stores at shows
– Working from home; challenges and adapting
– Mike’s input/roles at Stern
– Working the show circuit and doing seminars
– More Midway talk; MK, NBA Jam & Arcade stuff
– Owning games
– Expo and the future of shows
– Fangirlling over George Gomez (Mostly on my end)
– Hobbies as jobs and jobs as hobbies
– Growth in the hobby through COVID
– More show talks
– Swearing while playing pinball

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