Deadpool adds more major features to reach if you can defeat enough villains.

Apparently, Mr. Sinister has some other weird creature under his control and is ready to attack you with it.

Munsters also reaches v0.99

Deadpool also brought an album with him and is playing it in his CD player with anti-skip technology.




LE V1.00.0 - April 9, 2019
  - Added Modes:
    - Mr. Sinister: The Megakrakolodonus Rex
      - Battle the Megakrakolodonus Rex. 
      - Hit blue shots to reveal his weak spot at the Lil Deadpool target.
      - While he is in a weakened state, hit his weak spot at the 
        Lil Deadpool target for big points.
    - Mr. Sinister: The Final Battle 
      - Defeat Mr. Sinister.
      - Phase 1 
        - Timed single ball mode: 45 seconds
        - Collect the 4 Teamup shots
      - Phase 2 
        - Timed multiball: 70 seconds
        - Shoot blue shots to collect jackpots until time runs out.
        - Lit Teamup shots double jackpot value.
        - Hit final shot for big points in the last 15 seconds of the multiball.
        - When mode ends, all balls drain, and a new ball is served to shooter lane.
  - Mode Progression Updated:
    - Complete    Juggernaut, Mystique, and Sabretooth Battles
        to light  Sauron Multiball
    - Complete    Sauron Multiball
        to light  Juggernaut, Mystique, and Sabretooth Sauron Teamup Battles
    - Complete    T-Rex Quest, Megalodon Quest, Sauron Multiball
        to light  Mr. Sinister: The Megakrakolodonus Rex
    - Complete    Juggernaut, Mystique, and Sabretooth Sauron Teamup Battles
        to light  Mr. Sinister: Clone Multiball
    - Complete    Mr. Sinister: Clone Multiball
                  Mr. Sinister: The Megakrakolodonus Rex
                  Mechsuit Multiball
        to light  Mr. Sinister: The Final Battle
    - Complete    Mr. Sinister: The Final Battle 
        to        restart the mode progression
  - High Score font size increased.
  - The final tilt warning text has been changed to "DANGER DANGER".
  - Lil Deadpool Multiball ball save timer increased to 10 seconds after ball is 
    released from Lil Deadpool Lock.
  - Disco Multiball default ball save timer increased from 15 to 20 seconds.
  - "Special is Lit" is awarded by Mystery and by making the final shot 
    in Mr. Sinister: The Final Battle.
  - Added animations to Megalodon Quest, T-Rex Quest, Sauron Multiball, Mechsuit Multiball, 
    Ninja Multiball, Colossus/Sauron Teamup Battle, Mystique/Sauron Teamup Battle, 
    Sabretooth/Sauron Teamup Battle, BAM! top lane completion, and Colossal Jackpot.
  - Added Instant Info.
  - Added and improved light shows
  - Polished speech in modes.
  - Deadpool Pinball tutorial videos added to attract mode.
  - Fixed: With a Battle or Quest lit and enough weapons banked to light Mechsuit Multiball
    on the next Weapon Jackpot shot to the scoop, shooting the scoop will collect the 
    Weapon Jackpot, award "Light Mechsuit Multiball", and then display the Mode Select 
    screen, but does not allow you to start a mode.
  - Fixed: starting Disco Multiball caused a stall in the game while content loaded.
  - Fixed: Sauron Multiball - with 2 balls in play, locking a ball in the Katana Handle Lock
    would end Sauron Multiball.
  - Fixed: the HELLHOUSE EJECT switch was reported as SWITCH #2 in the Tech Alert screen.
  - DIAGNOSTICS MENU: SOUND/SPEAKER TEST: Added music, speech, and sound effects. 
  - Adjustment: DISCO GI BRIGHTNESS (Default: DIM)
                DARK, DIM, BRIGHT, VERY BRIGHT
  - Adjustment: START GAME ON CREDIT moved from Feature Adjustments 
                to Standard Adjustments.

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