Slowly but surely we crawl.

Step by step to version 1.0.0 as the code gets better with every point release.

V0.88.0 - Feb. 22, 2018

  - Removed the ability to stack MAJOR VILLAIN modes.
  - Reworked the RIDDLER mode to add collect/continue and additional shots.
  - Implemented an adjustment the for combos (COMBO LIGHTS BEHAVIOR,
    default = FLASH ONCE) that shows the new combo shots that are lit for
    much less time when a new combo is started.  This keeps the blinking
    red arrows from covering up the mode/multiball arrows for too long.
    (Other options are: NONE, ALWAYS (ALWAYS is the old default behavior
    prior to this release).
  - Added two more parts to the Mr. Freeze mode that includes Batman
    and Robin frozen in blue and green ice cones, along with the final
    fight sequence at the end of Episode #54.
  - Added some code to ignore the BATMOBILE SPINNER for a period of time
    shortly after the TURNTABLE stops moving.
  - Fixed sequencing w/ MINOR VILLAIN mode select and VILLAIN ESCAPE start.
    The start effect for VILLAIN ESCAPE will now run after a MINOR VILLAIN
    has been selected.
  - The TV light on left loop is now turned OFF when the BATUSI wizard mode
    is able to start on the same shot.
  - Reworked the handling for the launch button so there is less likelihood
    of inadvertently using up a gadget when the player is trying to launch
    the ball using the fire button.

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