New Stern Pinball Guardians CODE! Groot scoring raised! Orb scoring nerfed! Have we finally achieved a good balance?

Each version is a new puzzle to solve.


LE/PRE V0.95 - April 26, 2018

- Fixed an issue where mystery would award Orb lit when it was already lit.
- Optimized Trinket award display effects that are used during the Antiquities Shop mode.
- Added new pop bumper display f/x to Yaka Arrow 2.
- Fixed a bug where mode select was not showing the correct amount of time for a mode.
- Now the top lane skill shot lamp will be aligned with a top lane Escape Kyln lamp
  (if Escape Kyln is Active) making it easier to collect both awards at once.
- Optimized mode display effect artwork load times.
- Fixed a scoring bug in Antiquities Shop.
- The first session of Quill's Quest is a 2 ball multiball. If both balls drain before the mode
  is completed the next ball will make mode select available instead of putting the game back into Quill's Quest.
- Modified score positions for alternate mode 2 award display effects that appear and co-exist with
  primary mode/multiball award display effects.
- Now the Sibling Rivalry 2 start display effect is aborted if the Sibling Rivalry 2 award is collected before
  the Sibling Rivalry 2 start display effect has had an opportunity to run.  This also holds true for
  Yaka Arrow 2 and Quill's Quest 2 start display effects.
- Increased Groot Multiball base jackpot scores.
- Decreased Orb Multiball base HurryUp scores.
- Fixed a bug where mode start display effects could cause the game, over time, to reset.
- Fixed an animation bug with the Knowhere 2 artwork.
- Added rules to Groot to compensate for a disabled Groot Motor, i.e. hit Groot to simulate a Groot ball lock event.
- Fixed an issue where the Yaka Arrow 2 pops were not showing the correct display effect while other modes were running.
- Fixed a bug on Yaka Arrow 2 pops where the first pop hit was not showing any display information.
- Optimized Pod Chase 2 display effects.
- Added layered display effects for Yaka Arrow 2 and Sibling Rivalry 2.
- Fixed an issue where the pop bumpers rule wouldn't display any information on 1 pop hit.
- Now mode select is available following the Cherry Bomb Multiball completion/ball draining sequence.
- Fixed a bug where mode select was started prematurely upon shooting the right scoop to collect the last shot of a mode award.
- Fixed Quill's Quest 2 display effect criteria of which award should be shown.
- Added a Quill's Quest 2 award lightshow.
- Fixed a bug where collecting the final Quill's Quest award at the right scoop would start/collect/finish Quill's Quest 2.
- Added a Hadron Enforcer Limit adjustment, default= 3. This limits the number of Hadron Enforcer 'shots' you can have in reserve.
- Added new artwork/sound fx to Quill's Quest 2.
- Fixed a bug where, upon locking a ball in Groot's mouth, the new ball auto launched into play could start a super skill shot event.
- Added a layered display effect award to Quill's Quest 2.
- Added flipper blowoff to Yaka Arrow 2 mode start display effect.
- Added new artwork for Knowhere 2 display effect awards.
- Added enhancements to the Sanctuary 2 award display effect.
- Added sound f/x to Knowhere, Knowhere 2 & Pod Chase 2.
- Modified mode 2 award display effects and logic to co-exist with primary/secondary/multiball award display effects.
- Optimized Save Xandar to use less display processes.
- Modified mode 2 alternate awards to be positioned lower on the display.
- The Hadron Enforcer is no longer available to collect the final shot during Immolation Initiative.
- Fixed a bug where the Hadron Enforcer was allowed to collect the Super Jackpot during Save Xandar.  
- Fixed a bug that could crash the game during Save Xandar.
- Added sound fx/speech to Save Xandar.
- Optimized Cherry Bomb Multiball display effect processes as they were contributing to balls being
  held in the right scoop during Cherry Bomb Multiball.
- Yaka Arrow 2, Pod Chase 2, Escape Kyln 2, Knowhere 2 & Sanctuary 2 award display effects were being cut short/off
  by the their associated total screen upon mode completion.  This has been fixed.
- Fixed a bug where the Hadron Enforcer was allowed to collect the first jackpot during Orb Multiball.
- Added speech (last ball) and sound effects to outlanes.
- Added stacking to secondary mode award display effects.
- The Sibling Rivalry 2 background display effect was displaying the wrong score award total, this has been fixed.
- optimized the Sibling Rivalry 2 award display effect.
- Quill's Quest 2 was starting to count down too soon, this has been fixed.
- Added logic for Quill's Quest Hurryup starting value's last digit to be zero.
- Added rules for Quill's Quest 2, a HurryUp centric rule.  Shot the right scoop to collect a HurryUp award that
  starts at 10% of your score. 
- Optimized Pod Chase 2 background lamp effect.
- Added functionality to allow layered "mode 2" awards to finish displaying before showing their associated total screen.
- changed rules for Yaka Arrow 2, i.e. a super pop bumper centric rule. There are 50 Yaka Arrow Pop Awards.
  Collect 1 at a time for each pop bumper hit, or, collect all of them at once by shooting the Yondu Lane/Target.
- Added rules for Sibling Rivalry 2, a Gamora right ramp centric rule.  Shot the right ramp to collect all of the points
  earned during Sibling Rivalry.
- Now Secondary modes, i.e. Yaka Arrow 2, Sanctuary 2, etc.. persist until the end of the ball or until all of their
  associated points have been collected.  Starting a new mode at the right scoop no longer stops Secondary modes.   
- Fixed a bug where the Drax shot during upgraded Knowhere was not scoring correctly.
- Fixed a bug where the Yondu shot during upgraded Yaka Arrow was not scoring correctly.
- Added "flash lamp" style lamp effects to mode awards.
- Added topper effects to mode awards.
- Fixed a bug where the Broker shot during upgraded Antiquities Shop was not scoring correctly.
- Added a new guardians target bank "letter collected" topper effect.
- Added a topper lightshow for completing Guardian targets.
- Added a topper switch hit effect.
- Added topper light effects.
- Added a main play background topper light effect (which illuminates the topper based upon the mode/multiball that is active).
- Added topper effects that occur during playfield "flasher" events.
- Optimized how layered display effects are killed prior to being replaced with a new layered display effect.
- Increased the size of the current player's score to make it easier to read.
- Fixed an issue where queued up mode awards would cause award light shows to play improperly.
  This also occasionally allowed stacked awards to show on top of one another.

- Improved LED refresh rate and blink consistency.
- Improved reporting of shorted General Illumination bulbs and sockets.

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