Learn Scott’s musical interests and what led to the creation of the pinball game Total Nuclear Annihilation.

What are Scott’s plans for the future?

Chapter annotations by Wormhole Pinball:

00:00 Scott Danesi – The 2022 Space City Open HERO
02:38 How Scott found music & how his musical interests shifted through time
09:46 Pinball Machines are ART
12:38 Scott’s $350 Pinball craigslist find & How he fell in love with Pinball
17:36 What led to the creation of TOTAL NUCLEAR ANNIHILATION
25:36 What followed the success of TNA?
29:55 Scott & Multimorphic
33:07 P3 vs Standard Pinball Machine
36:54 Scott is taking a break from making anything big
38:54 How Scott developed his own Arcade Tournament software
43:13 The Hurry Up! – Rapid Fire Q&A Game
48:05 cassette tape tangent!!
52:24 Back to The Hurry Up
57:02 Saying goodbye & Outro