The ATOMIC Lane is the left orbit leading to the Monster Wheel. It has conspicuous letters that are just asking for you to spell A-T-O-M-I-C in that traditional, pinball step-down way similar to what the ZOMBIE letters are doing. Get all six letters in A-T-O-M-I-C to score an instant, big points award of at least 500 points and start the next Atomic Feature. To get things started quickly in the early going, shots to the left orbit will give you two letters instead of one for the first two spellings of A-T-O-M-I-C.

Atomic Spinner Hurry Up

The first, and every other Atomic Feature after that is the Atomic Spinner Hurry Up round. During the Hurry Up, Monstrodamus (the very angry mech monster in the picture below) will stomp around the Adventureland causing havoc. The Atomic Spinner insert pointing toward the right spinner will be flashing. You now have 60 seconds to get the number of Atomic Spinner spins shown on the screen. Spins count whether they are from a shot directly to the right spinner or from a shot around the left orbit back down through the right spinner. While this is happening, the value of the left spinner is doubled, and the value of the right spinner is tripled.

As soon as you get the required amount of spinner spins, the left orbit ATOMIC letters will flash red. Your final objective is to shoot the left orbit once in the next 20 seconds to claim the Monstrodamus award.

Atomic 2-Ball Multiball!

The second and every other Atomic Feature after that is the Atomic 2-Ball Multiball. That is what the question mark up in the header image is hiding, by the way. When you have finished working toward this feature, the game will instantly serve another ball into play and some gameplay elements will change. Shoot all of the flashing cyan shots to light the Atomic Jackpot at the Xenon Tube. Scoring the Atomic Jackpot will relight the cyan shots again. You can repeat this process for higher Atomic Jackpots, and you can use this Multiball to work toward Ned Attack Multiball.

Try to stack Atomic 2-Ball and Ned Attack Multiball for huge scoring potential! You are not allowed to visit the Atomic Shop or lock any more balls toward Ned Attack Multiball while Atomic 2-Ball is running. So if you are going for a mode/Multiball stack, lock the balls into the tube and do your shopping first before starting Atomic 2-Ball. You also must make sure to start Atomic 2-Ball first before going for Ned Attack Multiball because the stack doesn’t work in reverse.

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