Sad news to report: Heard through Colin MacAlpine via Pinside:
The Museum of Pinball in Banning is done and its collection will be auctioned off in the coming months.

Via a Pinside post by the Museum Of Pinball Curator, Chuck Casey:

“… All deadlines have passed to relocate, obtain a sponsorship, sell to one collector, etc.
Therefore, all the games will be auctioned in the upcoming months.
The official announcement will be fore coming.
You can bid online and/or in person.
The primary auction will take place in Banning at the Museum of Pinball.
Pins and vids are being sold via auction only. The collection is “locked” for the auction.
My next post will include auction details (dates, times, schedule, links, etc.)
To everyone who has ever attended one of our events, we thank you!
And a VERY special THANK YOU to everyone who volunteered at the Museum.”

Source: Pinside
Link to post and update by Chuck Casey, Curator – Museum of Pinball:

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