Stern has another point-release update to Ghostbusters. If you were at the NYC Launch Party, you were playing version 1.03 that fixed the problem they had with the flippers before we started.

From Stern Pinball:

CODE UPDATEStern Pinball has released code update 1.04 for Ghostbusters Pro Pinball. This update contains several tweaks and fixes, as well as some new content. Complete details can be found in the READ ME file.

Stern Pinball is committed to quality code. Stay tuned to our facebook page for the latest in official updates and announcements. #SternPinball #Ghostbusters

PRO V1.04 – May 02, 2016
– Added Instant info page for ghost caught. Will show how
many ghost are needed for extra ball.

– Updated to Node 0.18.2 to fix flipper issues
– Fixed how the 3-ball captive ball counts locked balls. It
will no longer be complete after only 2 balls locked.

– Completing Scoleri Brothers now lights 3X Super Jackpots
instead of 1X.
– Scoleri Brothers now only give one ghost during multiball
and if you have >= 80 caught ghost.
– Reduced how many ghost are caught from slimer during
Storage Facility Multiball
– Completing all the jackpots in Storage Facility will now
Light Super Jackpot for 3X instead of 1X.
– Increased the scores for Storage Facility jackpots
– Increased the scores for Mass Hysteria jackpots
– Terror Dog Hurry up now increases its value on both the
Terror Dog target and Gozer Target
– The Captive Ball toggles the flipper control from reversed
to normal and back.
– Adjusted the default high scores (lower)

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