Two-time IFPA Georgia State Pinball Champion, Dalton Ely loads two balls into the skull with one shot! What does that mean? Will a ball get stuck? Will the game get confused? NO! Everything is fine. Even better, he gets two, 50-Million point Super Jackpots in under 40 seconds.

Click here to see Dalton Get Da Soopah Jackpahts!

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Get the Super Excellent!

A “Super Excellent” is not an official thing in Terminator 2, but you can make the game say this mashup of call outs if you get a Super Jackpot and then load another ball into the skull before the Super Jackpot celebration animation finishes. The “EXCELLENT” call out from the celebration gets mixed up with the next “Get the Super Jackpot” call out from loading the skull again to make “Get the Super EXCELLENT!” Basically, if you hear this, you are playing very well.

One of the more obscure pinball t-shirts I own.

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