Are you running low on tickets? Are your pockets feeling a little light on the Adventureland currency? Do you need more spending cash quickly? Go bowling! NED’s minions like to bowl too. No problem. Knock them out of the bowling lane to clear your path to those valuable tickets.

The right 3-Bank of drop targets function as the Adventureland’s Bowling alley. On a new frame, you will see one of the ‘X’ inserts will be flashing. Hit that one first to get a Strike and advance to the next frame. If you hit another bowling target instead, you can still complete the target bank for a Spare.

Score Points!

To keep things simple, we are not using real bowling scoring, only a shortened version where a Strike gives you 30 pins and a spare gives you 20 pins. You can only get a Strike or a Spare in each frame. There are no opens or splits, and frames have no effect on subsequent frames like in normal bowling.

Get Tickets!

Each frame you complete will also earn tickets based on your current bowling score divided by 10. The initial few frames will give you a few tickets at a time. When you reach the later frames, you will be scooping up tickets in double-digit bunches.


Make it to frame #5 and you will get a quick bonus of your current bowling score up to that point (somewhere between 100 and 150 points) in addition to the points for the frame. Make it to frame #10 and you will start the Bowling Frenzy! This is a timed round where every bowling target is worth your total bowling score from the last 10 frames. That will be somewhere between 200 and 300 points per target!

Stacks on stacks!

Might I suggest the following leet strats?

  • Shoot the Coaster Ramp first and then hit the Bowling targets directly afterward for double value
  • Complete some frames while you have a Playfield X running
  • Take down some pins during a Multiball
  • Light the bowling left inlane (via a Super Doozie round) to temporarily double the bowling value for a few seconds

Why not try all of these things at once?!

[Bowling carnage in progress …]

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