The Dizzie Doozie is located at the middle left side of the playfield, and it has been taken over by one of NED’s minions. It spins via a post that hangs down underneath it, slightly above the playfield surface. There is some good news and bad news about this spinner post.

The bad news …

  • The minion has placed the Doozie such that it may get in the way of a shot you are trying to make. It might even put your ball in a dangerous position if you are not paying attention. However, you can easily spin it out of the way by shooting at it, or it’s even possible to make a shot in spite of it.

The good news …

  • The Dizzie Doozie is always ready to produce quick points and tickets for you to spend at the Atomic Shop. Even better, if you spin it enough times or earn a Doozie Upgrade, the Dizzie Doozie becomes the Super Doozie! Now you can earn points and tickets even faster for a limited time. In addition, the Super Doozie upgrades the value of ALL of the spinners, not just the Doozie itself. So the spinners in the orbit shots get upgraded as well during the round. However, only the Doozie spinner is passing out tickets to you.

Even more good news …

  • Activating the Super Doozie lights the top lane (the one with the ‘?’ insert) for the duration of the round. Sending the ball through this lane when it’s flashing awards the  next saucer bonus and upgrades the bumpers to the next level instantly. It’s possible to upgrade the bumpers multiple times during a Super Doozie round. Plus you get the keep those bumper levels when the round is over for the rest of the ball.

Even MORE good news …

  • While the Super Doozie is running, the inlanes get additional subtle enhancements.
    • The ‘Bowling’ insert near the left inlane will be lit for the entire round. Traveling through it while it’s lit will double the value of the bowling targets for the next few seconds. During that time, all scoring from bowling will be doubled including regular targets, Spares, Strikes, Mode Shots, Bowling Frenzy points and more.
    • The ‘Daredevil’ insert near the right inlane will also be lit for the entire round. Traveling through it while it’s lit will cause the Daredevil Cycle Target to award TWO jumps instead of one for the next few seconds. That’s the value of two separate jumps, not just a double award for one jump. That can be significant if you are two jumps away from earning something valuable from the Daredevil.
    • Both of these inlanes also stay lit for one additional use after the Super Doozie round is over, just in case you weren’t able to use them during the round.

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