A Rob Zombie code update dropped on June 30th. So that means I need to give the game a second chance. My first real impression of the game was not positive in general. However, a few of the game design choices that disappointed me have been addressed according the long update specifications below.


  • the game not showing your your score for long stretches of time
  • the game not showing you how much each jackpot shot is worth and what it is worth now.
  • The fact that it’s more efficient to just bash the two stand-up targets and keep adding balls instead of starting modes


Can it fix the fact that left orbit shot might not start a mode when it’s lit and you shoot it? Many times the mode start was lit, the shot was made, but the ball kept going and went out the other side.

I understand the game is supposed to be difficult because METTTTAAAALLLLL!!! and that’s fine. But, the things I’ve mentioned don’t talk about difficulty.

RZ UPDATE V020 – 6/30/2017
***too many updates, there are many undocumented updates***
***Interactive Apron Mod support is now active***
***http://www.facebook.com/FawzmaGames/ for more info
***http://store.fawzma.com/ to purchase
Fixed – 7/1 – gooble didnt reset mode properly on drain
Fixed – Start to hold feature (when disabled) would end a game as soon as it was started
Fixed – Added more checks to resave settings when loaded settings are outside the normal value
Fixed – Ball save video plays when save activates on outside lanes
Fixed – Mode select flipper handling improvements. Much easier to use both flippers to select a mode
Fixed – Drop target will reset to correct position at the end of modes
Fixed – CHOP lane shifts works properly
Fixed – Using a space in your last initial works properly now
Fixed – Added a delay between nane entry and match to help prevent match animation from not playing
Fixed – Reduced time between drain and extra ball eject and shows “PLAY AGAIN” instead of full animation
Fixed – Boombox switch was giving way to many points
Fixed – Ball search makes it through complete cycle witout triggering a switch by mistake, deadswitch check increased with relation to search time set
Fixed – PF animation would hang during last score info
Fixed – added rampup debounce to VUK switch
Fixed – added rampup debounce to Drop Target
Fixed – LDG, Rob Zombie would say to hit targets 2 times to complete, when in fact you had to do it 3 times
Fixed – If you drain with drop target down and didn’t lock ball, sneeking in behind drop target would gives
a lock credit on your next ball, then bug out the mode so you couldn’t progress.
Fixed – Jackpot value increases now account for the multiplier
Fixed – Dead City, Some switches did not award point in MB
Fixed – Upper right sling did not award point if its the first switch hit in skill shot
Fixed – What! mode time refreshes when you roll over UPF switch.
Fixed – What! in bash mode, clips from first part of mode would play when the shouldn’t
Fixed – What! mode total was being added to score when mode finished, effectively doubling your points in error
Fixed – Center ramp is worthless once superjackpot is ready, this includes the left inner lane, prevents ramp spamming in tourny
Fixed – Nasty scoring bug squashed that prevented points from being awarded.
Fixed – Infected mode, killer cards were being collected
Fixed – SuperBeast, player score now shown
Fixed – Music loops
Fixed – Extra ball only lights on 3rd ball and low score if tournament mode is off
Fixed – Match knocker moved to after reveal
Added – *NEW* mode start hurryup “Quick Lightning” light up lightning targets outside of a main mode to start timer. Get to VUK to start a mode in time to collect points reward
Added – Stop post added to ball search routine
Added – When game ends, the screen is dumped to last scores
Added – Menu setting to turn off/on the free play text – Main Menu
Added – Ballsearch time adjustable between 8 and 20 seconds. – Main Menu
Added – Last game score(s) now are part of the score tables as you hit the right flipper in attract mode
Added – PF RGB flashes when ball save is activated
Added – Game can be played with missing balls. Machine has to have at least 2 balls in the trough
Added – Game Over clip + music
Added – Dragula videomode into lightshow
Added – Shaker goes off with the Rev’s in video mode intro
Added – Shaker when demon mode ends
Added – What! movie screen countdown added to start of mode, plus something extra 😉
Added – Callout, if start pressed and no coins inserted (family and adult versions)
Added – Demonoid, voice countdown starts at 5 seconds remaining
Added – Demonoid, voices at certain points in time
Added – Lighning switches, causes lightning effect on lower RGB
Added – Shaker on thunder effect
Added – When in a mode, VUK triggers Spauldings entrance vocals
Added – Murder ride callouts for starting, and when collecting
Added – Replay value increases each game if a player reaches replay value. Replay value resets to nomal when last game doesn’t reach goal.
Added – Custom messages, 10..15..20..25..30 second custom message graphics. in “Operator Menu”
Added – Infected mode is back in. Infected flippers will not be used at this time.
Added – Search routine into infect drain routine
Added – Killer cards, after collecting card, value is now flashed
Added – Goober Mode, starts if you get the 6th ramp hand.. stopping short gived you points
Added – Muder Ride bonus mode for collecting all killer cards
Updated – Extraball – 1 knock, Replay – 2 knocks
Updated – Super pops changes to “Pop Your Top!” or “Move your Bra”
Updated – LDG, coffin light goes solid instead of off when collecting
Updated – Dirty pool logic cleaned up
Updated – Backbox pulses green with PF RGB
Updated – Replay value option in Game Settings, increases by 5 million instead of 10 million
Updated – Upper flipper temporary disabled when you get the JP multiplier to 4.
Updated – Drop target raised faster after LDG ends
Updated – Chop animation would play even if lane was already set, animation will play only if the lane wasn’t completed already
Updated – Servos are powered down during drain to help reduce chatter
Updated – What! mode instructions play completely at first start of mode
Updated – SuperPop animation priority lowered
Updated – Inner right obit switch added to What! mode complete check
Updated – Dragula pf lights updated to only show what shots are required for mode
Updated – Dragula ramp light blinks when one ramp is left to hit
Updated – Dragula, 3,2,1 more to go callouts added
Updated – Dragula video mode now has a car rev’ing/taking off SFX with running engine sound
Updated – Dragula Added timer to videomode/jackpot selection piece of the mode.
Updated – Dragula MB, jackpots are claimed but center ramp and stops when SJP is ready
Super jackpots start on center ramp then move around the next round
Once SPJ is claimed, parts colelcted resets.
Super jackpot activation takes more and more jackpot shots to get to the next round
Updated – Reduced drop target power in ball search. This will prevent the target from resetting all the way when it should be down
Updated – Dragula, MB score display now shows jackpot value, ball#, score
Updated – Dragula overtime, collecting parts advanced jackpot. ceter ramp collects.
Updated – Dragula overtime, coffin targets now collect car parts.
Updated – Dragula, milliseconds increased per second, and takes “13” seconds
Updated – Player initials autopopulated and set to end position for each score table
Updated – Deadcity, which target to hit animatin added
Updated – Deadcity, MB score display now shows jackpot value, ball#, score
Updated – Deadcity, little rocker added as a collectble in MB
Updated – Deadcity, MB mode lights updated to stay on instead of going out when targets are hit
Updated – What! mode rewrite. After collecting RH or time running out on RH, mode goes into spaulding hurryup (if not collected). 30 seconds to collect displayed value.
Updated – What! MB now shows current jackpot. Advance jackpot multiplier on coffin switches. Increase jackpot by shooting through spauling gate
Updated – Demonoid, remove upper playfield switch requirement. Only 15 switches required.
Updated – Demonoid, in MB jackpot advanced on each switch hit. center ramp collects displayed value. Super jackpot resets switches
Updated – Demonoid, jackpot multiplier advancement added to start of mode. Increase your jackpot multiplier before getting into MB.
Updated – Demonoid, add a ball light changed to blink instead of pulse
Updated – Superbeast, Rob calls out superbeast sneak attack MB if used instead of normal MB callout
Updated – Superbeast, SJP locations limited to outer orbits and center ramp
Updated – SuperBeast, in MB, advance jackpot but dropping drop target. Timer starts up and you have 20 amount of seconds to increase JP value by completing rigt inner orbit
Updated – Superbeast, MB JP starts at JP multiplierx2 due to difficult of increasing jackpots
Updated – Superbeast, updated the same as previous modes when in MB. shows JP values..etc. jackpot collected from center ramp, supers from random places
Updated – SuperBeast, animations updated with progress indicator
Updated – American Witch, updated the same as previous modes when in MB. shows JP values..etc. jackpot collected from center ramp, supers from random places
Updated – American Witch, in adult mode, dancing witches are only used.
Updated – Mode start flashes along with arrow instead of strobing when you are out of a main mode
Updated – Killer cards, when a card is ready to collect, that card blinks. doesn’t strobe anymore
Updated – Killer cards, score values incremet after Satan is collected
Updated – Spaulding hurryup blinks instead of strobes
Updated – Robot servo disabled on skillshot start to reduce wear. Enables when needed.
Updated – Rattle voice priority set to lowest
Updatad – Rob calls MB for all modes except What!, Sid calls out instead.
Updated – If mode is complete and not in infected mode, mode selected shows mode complete version or clip

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