NED is the main Bash Target of the game, sitting in the back, directly up the middle of the playfield. This bullseye target moves back and forth and it looks innocent and harmless, but watch out for the rubbers, targets and bumpers that surround the area like a mini arena. Remember, NED is the designated “Bad Guy” of the game, so he doesn’t like you. It is a good bet that you won’t like him very much either.

NED with the deceptively innocent looking bullseye target.

The good news is, when you hit NED in single ball play, you will get a letter in Z-O-M-B-I-E. Spell Z-O-M-B-I-E and a multiball will start, instantly. Directly after you get the sixth hit and light the letter ‘E’, you will get another ball autolauched from the shooter lane for a two-ball multiball. There’s no waiting. NED’s coming in hot with guns blazing! NED will swoop in to attack you, but you are about to turn the tables on him!

After your first attempt to fight back against NED, it will take two spellings of Z-O-M-B-I-E to start multiball again, and get another chance at him. Two spellings … that’s 12 hits. Is that a lot? That borders on “Spell-A-Thon” territory. I don’t like Spell-A-Thons very much, so there is a way to cut that requirement down. A certain Mechanic may be able to help with the spelling process.

Also, you can make your two-ball multiball a bigger and better one. That will be covered in an upcoming Quick Shot.

In addition to earning a letter in Z-O-M-B-I-E, each time you hit NED’s target a zombie will spawn in an area of the playfield. There will be a solid green light showing where the zombie is. Angela will call out the zombie’s location. She is going after them too, and she knows you are helping her. The LCD display and the Pinbar will also let you know where to take care of that zombie. Try to knockout as many zombies as possible. Each one gives you points toward your end-of-ball bonus, tickets to spend at the Atomic Shop, and progress to other valuable awards.

Zombie KOs Per BallPointsBonus PointsTickets
5th and onward2501508
Knock out those Zombies for points and tickets!
This count resets at the start of a new ball.
I am a zombie. Hit me.
Zombie KOs Per GameAward
5Drac Attack
Knock out those Zombies for awards!
This count lasts for the entire game.
(What is a Drac Attack?)

*Points and awards are subject to change.

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