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Marco TV: The Pinfest Interviews

Marco Specialties set up an interview booth at Allentown Pinfest 2021 where they interviewed many from “The Pinball Community”.

Dr. Pin & Mrs. Pin – Pinball Podcasters
Todd Tuckey – TNT Amusements
Tim Roth – TNT/Twins Arcade
Corwin Emery – Spooky Pinball
Larry Rosenthal – Starship Fantasy
Jody Gontero – Ramp-O-Matic
Allen Cihak – Pinball Operator
Rob Kahr – Kahr.US Circuits
Brielle & Gianna – Earth Support Club
more …

The Machine: After Hours

Strange things can happen after hours. Well, not Stranger Things this time because they are playing The Machine: Bride of Pinbot, just normally strange things.

Installing a rectifier board

Sometimes things go awry and you need something to rectify the situation. That’s right, pinballer. Rectify. Rectify? That means fixed. It’s time to rectify FIRE! so that it might not catch on actual fire.

Working with The Machine

Marco TV continues working with The Bride in preparation for some gameplay sessions. Imoto and the Macho Pinball hat were there as well.