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Quick Clip of the Day: Turbo Skill Shot

Stern’s Wrestlemania was not pleased with how well John Jundt performed on ball one. Either that, or the game had a conversation with Star Trek: The Next Generation.

Virtual Pinball

Skill Shot Pincast looks at the virtual world of virtual pinball. Many of the good games get mentions and name checks.

Operator … Operator …

Skill Shot Pincast interviews Bobby Conover. Learn what motivates him to continue operating large quantities of games in the Seattle area.

Skill Shot Pincast

Check out another pinball podcast that has started since this past month. They are two episodes in, so it won’t be hard to catch up

Full Throttle Skill Shot

A quick teaser video of Full Throttle from Heighway Pinball. Here, a player demonstrates the “rev the engine” skill shot feature.

MemeTown Two

I am not phoning it in today. I’m not. OK, maybe I am meme-ing it in…

CONGO: Bad movie, good game.

Kevin Birrell of Skill Shot magazine details why CONGO is underrated. That’s the pinball game, by the way. CONGO: The Movie sucks, except for Tim Curry of course.