InB4 they update it again.

V0.92.0 - May. 30, 2018

  - Added new Egghead mode: Season 3, Episode 109 ("The Ogg Couple").
  - Added new Shame mode: Season 3, Episodes 115 & 116 ("The Great Escape").
  - Completing the Mad Hatter mode both times and selecting it again would
    show INVALID on the Minor Villain mode select screen.  This has been
  - The Batusi mode would show "Villain Escape", not "Batusi" on the total
    screen.  This has been corrected.
  - Added more sounds for Joker mode 5/6.
  - Fixed Joker and Penguin batcave video clip sequences; too many sequences
    were being displayed at one time.
  - Reduced Penguin mode EP 3/4 hurry-up stage (#3) from 3 shots to 1 shot.
  - Fixed background instructions and collect/continue video clips for
    Catwoman mode 19/20.
  - Added hurry-up stage for Catwoman mode 19/20: stage #2 (batbeam, left
    ramp) and stage #3 (robin w/ tigers, right ramp).  Added batbeam and
    explosion sounds.
  - Reworked Major Villain mode adjustments:
      - Lowered default Gordon Target hits from 3 to 2.
      - Lowered final stage shot sequences from 6/8 to 5.
      - Added new clips for Catwoman mode 108 Gordon Target Sequence.
  - Fixed a issue that was causing the shot value for the Villain Escape
    to not increase after a super jackpot was scored.
  - Added lamp effects for Villain Escape.
  - Added Villain Vision effect for Villain Escape super jackpot.
  - Increased the autofire time for the Villain Escape add-a-ball from 5
    seconds to 15 seconds.
  - Added more sounds for Villain Escape super jackpot award.
  - Added some GI lighting effect for Villain Escape:
      SW_HITS = normal.
      SHOTS = dark.
      SUPER_JACKPOT = darker.
      Multiball start fades the GI down to dark.
  - Added video clips/sounds for Villain Escape part #1.
  - Reworked Villain Escape start effect text and added instructions.
  - Added blinking shoot again lamp to the first part of Villain Escape
    to indicate that the mode will continue if the ball drains.
  - Added episode-specific video clips for the villains in attract mode.
    The clips that are displayed are selected from the episodes that were
    played during the previous game.
  - Cleaned up audit/adjustment text.  Removed unused adjustments.
  - Added jail sounds for minor villains captured.
  - Added number of parts for each Catwoman, Joker, Penguin, and Riddler
    mode in the mode select display effect.
  - Added video clips for Catwoman, Joker, Penguin, and Riddler mode select.
  - Added HSTD display for King Tut mode EP 117, it was missing.

  - Fixed an issue with NODE BUS TEST that was causing the TV node (#24)
    to report that it had a communication error.

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