Drac is hiding out in the Adventureland, posted up in his Haunted House which is located above the left outlane. He hangs out there, basically minding his own business with his own storage of xenon gas, unless you choose to taunt him. When you do, he will rush out of his house and head toward you! Hurry up and defeat him by hitting the Drac target on the left side of the Jetstar Coaster Ramp. A successful hit in time will collect the remaining hurry up points and light an opportunity to collect your end-of-ball bonus at the Xenon Tube.

[This is Drac’s House. Drac isn’t here right now. Don’t leave a message. Don’t even text him.]

The picture on the left is of the left outlane which includes the kickback that saves you from death. If you use a kickback, the ball will head up, around and out of Drac’s House. Drac doesn’t like visitors that much. As a warning, one of the outlane inserts will light which are counting up toward Drac Attack.

Using the kickback three times will complete the three inserts [“GET READY], [“GET SET”], [DRAC ATTACK] and start the hurry up. Drac Attack Hurry Ups start at 750 points, and the starting value can increase. But the value counts down very quickly from there. So get that Drac target and remember not to drain right after hitting it.

Remember to check in with the Xenon Tube after you handle your business with Drac.


[This banner appears before Drac heads toward you.]

There are other reasons why Drac will come after you. For example, you will get his attention with your fifth Zombie KO of the game. Drac isn’t really working with NED and his zombie army, but he’s decided to be fine with them hanging around since they bring the Xenon Gas that surrounds them. Disturbing enough of these zombies means disturbing Drac.

[Oh no … Drac is coming. He is not here to be your friend.]

You can also pay The Mechanic with a generous helping of tickets to taunt Drac for you. Why would The Mechanic do this? Well, enough Adventureland Tickets can prompt him to do some strange things, including messing with the Prince of Darkness.

[You have failed to defeat Drac. You are awarded no points, and may NED have mercy on your soul.]

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