Welcome to the next edition of “Things I’ll Never Do”. Today’s thing is “Reaching Run to the Hills” on Stern’s Iron Maiden. Accomplishing this requires that the player does ten other “things” that I don’t remember right now. The list is most likely on TILTForums. Although I have seen the list of things as part of other streamers’ Run to the Hills” challenge streams, so that’s convenient. I’ll still forget the tasks the next time I’m playing anyway.

The best challenge I can boast about is being able to go from zero to Victory Laps plus 2 mode ladders on the second lap in Ghostbusters on one ball with no extra balls. Sure, I got extra balls on the way, but I didn’t lose a ball until I started the third (right side) ladder on lap two of the game. However, the road to accomplishing this required a crapton of games beforehand. So many that I had the game memorized enough that I could make the left ramp blindfolded anytime I wanted based on sound. Not much of this is relevant. Other than the number of games it would take before I could do this whole “Run to the Hills” thing. Which, as I said before, would be a crapton.

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