… the one where Bruce announces a new venture …

Presenting, The Face Off: A great way to talk about older games. The winner is not necessarily the one who has the best group of games. It’s all in how and when you use them against each other.

But, talking about old games is BORING, right? You MUST talk about the latest drama and current events, right? There is no room to talk about classic games. (Go to about 55 minutes in for the start of the Face Off.)

Stay tuned for 1:57:00 where Tim has a rant on TRON: Legacy. He doesn’t like to play it in tournaments. I used to think the Disc was an island onto itself, since the Disc only does disc things, and you have to hit it many times before starting Multiball. Plus, each time you hit the Disc the ball might spin out of control.


However, there is a way to use this to your advantage: Don’t go for the Disc Multiball until you have all of the other objectives completed (solidly lit). Use the Light Cycle and Quorra Multiballs to finish everything else except the Disc. When you are ready, start Disc Multiball. If you can get the Super Jackpot from Disc, every goal is solidly lit. That means you will skip over Sea of Simulation and go straight to Portal Multiball. And by the way, take 50 million for your skills demonstration (and a game victory most likely). That 50 million is your trump card to win the game. Do you dare try to light the Double Scoring award and take home 100 million before cashing it in?

With this strategy, you can avoid starting Sea of Simulation early, because the Disc requirement stops it from being available. If you don’t get the Disc Super Jackpot, Seas of Simulation will be ready afterward. Start it, and claim 15 Million for objectives 1 through 5. Finish the Disc during Sea of Simulation to collect the rest of the awards (24 Million) and light Portal.

By the way, at 2:06:00, Tim would have gotten ALL of the awards on the one shot. I’ve collected Multiball, plus puzzle solved into a Prize Puzzle Trip Multiball, plus a contestant Trip Multiball, plus Ramp Rampage in one shot.

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